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(@FreyaWynn): "Man I imagine the crowd of ppl who now expect that all tgirls make lots of cum shocked that polar bears dont actually drink coca cola irl". Freya Wynn tranny model is listed at Shemale model index.‎Lesbian tgirl fucks inked · ‎Amazon Trannies · ‎Fans. Past Projects. – Zoë – Airheads – Fire Work – Ancestor in the Chalk – Elemental present day – Raise Your Voice – Who.

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Shemale Freya relieves her husbands stress by having anal sex. Chief among them must be the curiosities and charms that surround trans women. Don't worry, I won't tell mom. What's life without a bit of adventure? I am easy going and intuitive as a compassionate domme and shameless hedonist. Sessions for Couples While I adore being the unicorn and entertaining couples, there is a two hour minimum for couples sessions and no additional fee.

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L2 Core - MasterVan - Wynn Summoner 102 - Oly -Wynn vs Yull - WTF are you?!? 11k / 17k dmg?? Pffff